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Christmas fantasy - park, forest & lodge in xmas lights

I love this time of year there are so many festive events going on around Atlanta. Seeing all of the beautiful lights is one of my favorite things to do! Driving through neighborhoods and seeing the creativity people have and the different decorations really set the tone for the season. I also love going to the bigger light displays and activities that are available in the area.

Lake Lanier’s Magical Nights of Lights is so much fun! It is hard to believe that this is the 20th year for the event. The drive-through light display with miles and miles of lights is what brings most people to the Magical Nights of Lights, but there are many other things to do while you are there! There is a Holiday Village that has marshmallow roasting, a holiday shop, a live nativity, an ice skating rink and more.  The Magical Night of Lights runs through December 31st.

Another Atlanta favorite is Stone Mountain Christmas. Over two million lights illuminate the park. There is Wonderland Walkway where you will see the Snow Angel and her Toy Soldiers and a parade every night! New this year is a 4-D experience Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas. There are music and performances to enjoy and Santa of course.  The Stone Mountain Christmas runs through January 4th!

There is so much to do at both places and it is sure to be fun for everyone. Gather up friends and family and spend an evening enjoying the festivities that only come around once a year!


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Cueny Team Client appreciation

Thank you to all my clients who came to the Fall Festival. It was great to see clients that I have worked with as first time home buyers and clients whom I helped to sell their first condo, buy their next family home and then build a house.

We had the Fun Bus, Jumpy houses, BBQ from Smokejack and pumpkins for everyone. It was a wonderful event. I appreciate each and every client and everyone who refers us. Thank you so much.

If you were not able to attend you were certainly missed and I hope you can join us next time!

cueny team

Pre-party set up as we waited excitedly to show our clients how much we love them!

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I saw this headline on numerous local and national news sites yesterday and I have to admit I was a little intrigued about where Atlanta

U-Haul Growth Cities

U-Hauls annual report names Atlanta #26 on top growth cities.

ranked in “U-haul’s List of Top Growth Cities.” As a real estate agent I stay up-to-date on what the population is doing in the area. Currently, with the low inventory situation, it feels like there are lots of people looking to buy homes, and not nearly as many selling homes, which even before you look at the numbers would make you believe that Atlanta is growing.

According to U-Haul’s annual report, Atlanta ranks 26th on the list of 30 cities. They estimate around 1% of growth in 2012. The number 1 city, Pittsburgh, saw 9% growth.  One percent may not seem like a lot, but Atlanta was not on the list at all in 2011 and with new construction just gearing back up at the end of 2012, it certainly can be felt in the housing market. To see how U-Haul calculated their numbers and the companies press release click here.

I think with all the recent announcements of businesses opening offices in the area we are going to continue to see this number increase.  I continue to feel like it is a really EXCITING to live in Atlanta and its suburbs. It has always been a wonderful city and as more and more people realize it, the city will continue to grow and prosper!

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It seems everyone has a home office to some degree these days. Some people work 100% from home, some telecommute a few days a week and others keep their household running smoothly from some sort of centralized desk area! A home office certainly comes in handy for me in my job.

I love being organized and being able to put my fingers on what I need either from my computer or in my office files. Keeping my home office just as neat as my office space at Atlanta Fine Homes is important to me! I know a lot of you are like that too, so I wanted to share with you some office ideas and solutions I have seen online lately! Maybe you will find something that will make a big difference in your home office!

First, this is a really practical idea. How many of you really dislike the cords and cables that come with many home office set-ups? Internet, monitors, mouse, printers, etc. It makes your  professional space, that you worked so hard to create, look sloppy. While yes there are many wireless options these days, it is almost impossible to completely abolish all cables! Well here is an idea for you to help keep things looking a little neater! A cord organizer! Inexpensive and it will keep you desk looking less cluttered!

Keeping all those cables under control, will give you the professional space of your dreams!

I like this next picture because, so many people want a home office, but they don’t feel like they have the extra space for it. So they end up  dragging out everything they need to the kitchen table then having to put it up again each day or force others to find a new place to eat! That can leave you feeling disorganized and who wants to have to “get ready” to work!

What a creative use of wasted space!

Finally, here are a couple of spaces for the mom that needs a place to keep a centralized family calendar, paperwork, schoolwork, and to set-up their laptop or iPad at a moments notice. They don’t need or want a separate room or area dedicated to the home office. That would defeat the purpose everyone needs to see the calendar and remember to take their work back to school!

Solutions for busy families

Easy desk and organization areas for the busy family!
photos from littlelucylu.com and bhg.com

So are your creative juices flowing? It’s Friday! You have two full days to get the work space of your dreams at least started! I bet you already have much of what you need already at home!

Have a great weekend!

If you would like to see the current inventory, click here.

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We haven’t talked financing in awhile and with peak buying and selling season getting underway, I thought it was important to revisit

mortgage documents

What can you do now, to make applying for a mortgage easier? photo © Franck Boston – Fotolia.com

some important things to remember when applying for home financing.

The list below are all items that you will need in order to finalize your loan and in many cases in the current marketplace, you will need most of these to get pre-approved.  Before you even start looking for the perfect house,  it is important to get pre-approved. This helps you know what the bank is willing to loan you and it reassures a seller when you make an offer on their house.  So go on and start gathering the things on this list. It will make the process less stressful knowing you have a few days to get it together than to wait until you have found your dream home and have to rush to find everything quickly!

Keep in mind, your lender may require additional documents, but this is a good starting point! AND if you are applying for the loan with someone else these documents need to be supplied for EVERYONE on the application!

Driver’s License and Social Security Card 

These two may seem obvious, but many people forget about their Social Security Card, banks will want a copy of yours along with your driver’s license.

Landlord Information

If you are renting now, you will need to supply all contact information for your landlord.

Income Information 

There are four big ones in this group.

1.  Your most recent pay stubs for the past 30 days.

2.  Two months worth of banking and asset statements.

3.  Signed Federal Income Tax Returns (every single page) for the last 2 years.

4.  Two years worth of W-2 forms from all employers.

Do you want to see what is currently available? Click here and search the area’s housing inventory!

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Atlanta.curbed has really had some interesting articles recently.  I passed along their information last week about flipping houses in

Will today's first time home buyers, live in town or in a suburb?

Are Millennials moving to the suburbs?

Atlanta, I hope that helped some of you that may be considering flipping a property. Now there is another interesting article talking about the ‘Millennials’ (those in the 18-34 age range) and how suburbia may no longer be a four-letter word for them.

This age group has been widely known for a preference for in-town living across America and wanting to bring to life abandoned neighborhoods. For many, mention buying a house in a suburban neighborhood sounded like torture. That may be changing as in-town living becomes more affluent and a desire to raise children they way they were raised becomes a part of their thinking.

In Atlanta specifically the top selling markets are in areas such as Cobb and North Fulton. I see people in all age ranges looking outside the Perimeter. Many younger groups have enjoyed renting in-town, but when they decide it is time to buy their first home, they cannot always get what they want in their desired budget in-town.

To read more about ‘Millennials’ and real estate trends, check out atlanta.curbed and Atlanta Real Estate Forum.

If you are ready to start looking for your new home, my team and I can help, give us a call. We work all over Atlanta, but North Fulton and Cobb are our specialties.  See current inventory throughout Atlanta here.

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On last Thursday some very exciting news came out of Governor Nathan Deal’s office. It was enough to make everyone in North Fulton end their

General Motors brings jobs to Roswell. Photo © General Motors.

General Motors brings jobs to Roswell. Photo © General Motors.

week with a smile on their face. General Motors will open an IT Innovation Center in Roswell, creating 1,00o jobs over then next 3-5 years. The Roswell location will be one of four such centers across the U.S., two of which are already open in Austin, Texas and Warren, Michigan. The fourth will be announced later this year.

According to GM’s Chief Information Officer, Randy Mott,

These Innovation Centers will design and deliver IT that drives down the cost of ongoing operations while continuously increasing the level and speed at which innovative products and services are available to our GM customers.

The company plans to begin recruitment immediately for database experts, developers, project managers, and other IT professionals. This is great news for college graduates and industry veterans looking for a new challenge.

It is also great news for homeowners looking to sell their existing home. Such a large volume of jobs, will undoubtedly bring more buyers into North Fulton communities. If you have been putting off getting your home ready to list, don’t wait any longer.  Finish those last jobs you have planned or give The Cueny Team a call if you are having trouble figuring out where to begin. Our team is experienced in helping sellers assess their homes and determine what can be done to grab a buyers attention. It will probably be easier than you think and it always helps to have a fresh pair of eyes! We are ready for you!

To read more about the new plant opening visit The North Fulton Chamber of Commerce website.

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