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Use your iPhone to help keep track of your notes when home shopping

Fumbling through papers, finding a pen in a bag or car in order to take notes and then keeping up with those papers is an annoyance to buyers. And then what if they took pictures on their phone and they later are trying to figure what house each picture was from because they didn’t have a chance to name the picture when they took it.  Everyone thinks they will be able to keep the houses straight in their heads, but most buyers can’t. Honestly, even for agents they can become jumbled too.  On caravan days agents can see 5 houses and all the while trying to take notes!

Well there is an app for that! The House Hunter app for the iPhone or iPad will help organize the features buyers are interested in, score

their priorities against each homes features, allow them to take notes and features and keep them all neatly organized.  Check it out on the iTunes store before you start your home shopping in 2013!

Read more about it here on the Intermojo.com blog or jump on over to iTunes to read about it!


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