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This is the third post in a blog series I am doing on real estate technology and how I use it to help my buyer and seller clients. Please click here to see more posts on how I use technology in real estate in metro Atlanta.

DocuSign is a tool I am now using to enable my seller and buyer clients and the other party and other agent to use for signature purposes.

Buyers and sellers can review, approve and sign a legal document with just a touch from either your phone, IPAD, or computer and it is a secure and legal signature.

There are 10 different unique signatures that you choose from to sign the document within the DocuSign program.    Or you can choose to write a signature and upload that signature.

With just a click you can approve a contract making the transaction move forward much easier than having to find fax machines, scan things in, etc.

Below is a video of a recent client who used the DocuSign tool I provided while she was away on her ski trip….we were able to finalize the sale of her house in Smyrna as well as the purchase of their new home while she was away.


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