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Determining the value of a home is one of the hardest parts of selling for a homeowner. An experienced team, such as The Cueny Team, can help sort through the market and emotional facts and come to a sells price that will actually get your house sold. For many homeowners, it is difficult to understand that they will not get back dollar-for-dollar the money they put into their houses. It can also be difficult to put their emotional attachment to the home aside. A Realtor can help you.

Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty has put together some valuable information to consider when establishing your list price. (Click on the image to enlarge)

market value of your home

The Cueny Team is a team of market experts that can help you sort through everything that needs be considered and thrown out when setting the price. We come to our meeting with you with valuable market data and information that can help get your home sold! Call us today.



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Avalon Alpharetta

Come find out more about Avalon in Alpharetta

Tonight an exciting event is happening regarding Avalon! It is your opportunity to get a sneak peek of The Avalon Residences and find out more about what is planned for the development. Monte Hewitt of Monte Hewitt Builders (single-family homes) and Lew Oliver the single-family town planner will both be on hand to discuss what to expect from single-family living at Avalon residences.

Taking place at our North Atlanta office, agents from Atlanta Fine Homes will be there to answer questions. Debra Dent is organizing the event and if you think you can make it, RSVP to her at 404-974-4464.

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We haven’t talked financing in awhile and with peak buying and selling season getting underway, I thought it was important to revisit

mortgage documents

What can you do now, to make applying for a mortgage easier? photo © Franck Boston – Fotolia.com

some important things to remember when applying for home financing.

The list below are all items that you will need in order to finalize your loan and in many cases in the current marketplace, you will need most of these to get pre-approved.  Before you even start looking for the perfect house,  it is important to get pre-approved. This helps you know what the bank is willing to loan you and it reassures a seller when you make an offer on their house.  So go on and start gathering the things on this list. It will make the process less stressful knowing you have a few days to get it together than to wait until you have found your dream home and have to rush to find everything quickly!

Keep in mind, your lender may require additional documents, but this is a good starting point! AND if you are applying for the loan with someone else these documents need to be supplied for EVERYONE on the application!

Driver’s License and Social Security Card 

These two may seem obvious, but many people forget about their Social Security Card, banks will want a copy of yours along with your driver’s license.

Landlord Information

If you are renting now, you will need to supply all contact information for your landlord.

Income Information 

There are four big ones in this group.

1.  Your most recent pay stubs for the past 30 days.

2.  Two months worth of banking and asset statements.

3.  Signed Federal Income Tax Returns (every single page) for the last 2 years.

4.  Two years worth of W-2 forms from all employers.

Do you want to see what is currently available? Click here and search the area’s housing inventory!

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It may not feel like it this morning, but Spring is a mere 4 1/2 weeks away. The sunlight is already sticking around a little bit longer each day and on March 10 Daylight Savings Time will make it feel like warmer weather should be arrive any minute.  As these things start to happen Spring fever is inevitable. I don’t know about you, but Spring fever makes me want to make a change. Of course, I want to clean out and get rid of the clutter, but breathing some fresh air into my surroundings takes over my thoughts more than cleaning out my closets!

If you are looking to sell your home this Spring focus on what you can do to add some pizzazz to your home to catch a buyer’s attention.  Of course first you need to do any necessary repairs that you have been putting off.  No amount of paint or eye-catching light fixtures are going to distract the buyer’s attention from maintenance that you are trying to hide or avoid!

What can you do to give your home a pick me up and set it apart from others?  An easy inexpensive change can be new pillows and a throw blanket to a main living space. Pick a new color or even just a more vibrant tone of one of your existing colors and add some depth to your space.

Deep jewel tone colors are going to be popular into 2013. Emerald greens, vibrant oranges, turquoise, and purples are all out there. Adding these colors will instantly perk up a room. These are all things that go with you when you move too!

Updating for Spring

Neutral furniture with color ful pillows, art and accessories give a a room a fresh look for Spring. Photo from bhg.com

Updating a few key light fixtures can also add appeal. Pendent lights are everywhere, if you can make it work with the rest of your decor adding a simple one like this one from West Elm transforms a space.  Adding a single pendent over a sink where a can light currently is an easy element to change too.

Be careful with adding too many bright paint colors if you are planning to sell. Believe it or not, there are people that cannot see past the the paint. The idea of painting over that orange accent wall you love or the stencil that you feel added the perfect flair to your foyer, may scare someone.  Save your time and money and add those touches to your new home!  Stick to subtle colors on your walls while adding patterns and colors through accents.

Decorating with Orange and Blue

Subtle paint colors with vibrant accents is an easy way to update a room. Photo by Laura Resen on housebeautiful.com

Those are just a few things you can do to liven up your space whether you are want to stay in your house for awhile or if you are  ready to sell! Either way, Spring is closer than you think, so it is time to start planning!

To view homes currently for sale in the Atlanta area click here.

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Alpharetta is all abuzz with news about Avalon. A great way to get the latest information and to stay current on what business have

Avalon Alpharetta

Site rendering of Avalon in Alpharetta.

committed to the development visit Avalon’s new website.

You can also see the history of how the development came to be along with pictures and renderings of what is to come!  The excitement is building daily for what Avalon will bring to the community!

If you are still looking for your perfect house click here to see available homes for sale in metro Atlanta or contact me at  404-695-7040.

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We are very excited with the final numbers we are seeing for 2012! It was a GREAT year to work in the Atlanta real estate market. Check out these stats!

Atlanta Fine Homes ends the year on a high note!

Atlanta Fine Homes ends the year on a high note!

Atlanta Fine Homes had an increase in homes sold (closed) during 2012 by 59%.  The total volume was up 42% and our market share grew by 40%.

In most areas across metro Atlanta,   total inventory is down by 30% over the prior year, and the number of homes sold is up as high as 8%.

Specifically in The North Atlanta office, the office The Cueny Team works out of, the closed volume is up a whopping 77% . Our office’s market share grew by 60% from January 2012 to December 2012. The Cueny Team grew our business by as  40% from 2011.
We are over the moon and are looking forward to continued growth in 2013!
Are you ready to start your home search?  Give us a call today to get started!

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iphone apps

Use your iPhone to help keep track of your notes when home shopping

Fumbling through papers, finding a pen in a bag or car in order to take notes and then keeping up with those papers is an annoyance to buyers. And then what if they took pictures on their phone and they later are trying to figure what house each picture was from because they didn’t have a chance to name the picture when they took it.  Everyone thinks they will be able to keep the houses straight in their heads, but most buyers can’t. Honestly, even for agents they can become jumbled too.  On caravan days agents can see 5 houses and all the while trying to take notes!

Well there is an app for that! The House Hunter app for the iPhone or iPad will help organize the features buyers are interested in, score

their priorities against each homes features, allow them to take notes and features and keep them all neatly organized.  Check it out on the iTunes store before you start your home shopping in 2013!

Read more about it here on the Intermojo.com blog or jump on over to iTunes to read about it!

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