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Determining the value of a home is one of the hardest parts of selling for a homeowner. An experienced team, such as The Cueny Team, can help sort through the market and emotional facts and come to a sells price that will actually get your house sold. For many homeowners, it is difficult to understand that they will not get back dollar-for-dollar the money they put into their houses. It can also be difficult to put their emotional attachment to the home aside. A Realtor can help you.

Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty has put together some valuable information to consider when establishing your list price. (Click on the image to enlarge)

market value of your home

The Cueny Team is a team of market experts that can help you sort through everything that needs be considered and thrown out when setting the price. We come to our meeting with you with valuable market data and information that can help get your home sold! Call us today.



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Just over a month ago The Cueny Team listed a property in Wyntercreek of Dunwoody on a Friday, by Sunday the sellers were considering multiple offers and by Sunday night it was under contract! That was an exciting weekend! Even more exciting we are closing on the home today. By tonight the new owners will have the keys in hand!

So what made this home sell so quickly? Teamwork of course! The sellers had done some smart and gorgeous renovations that made for a picture perfect home.  The kitchen was updated with a “Restoration Hardware” style that many home buyers find appealing.

restoration hardware kitchen

All bathrooms had been given a fresh face lift.

restoration hardware bathroom

And there was fresh paint throughout! The home is also located in a wonderful community with a swim/tennis club which is in high demand!

Once Nicole was contacted she worked with the sellers and provided them with area pricing information to decide on a price that was perfect for the market! She and the entire team went into high gear to promote this property and get the word out immediately. They knew this was a property many people were going to want to see.

When the offers started to come in Nicole discussed the offers with the homeowners and advised them of their options, then negotiated on their behalf.  By Sunday night everyone had smiles on their faces!

Are you ready to sell your home? Are you looking for a new home? Let The Cueny Team help you! We know the Atlanta market and we can advise you and help make buying and selling a home a wonderful experience! Take a minute to look at our current listings.


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2957 Kings Walk

How do you handle multiple offers on a property?

The Cueny Team has been quite busy in the last several weeks and it happens to be because of what much of the  Atlanta market is buzzing about –  multiple offers for properties in all price ranges throughout the North Fulton area. Residential properties and land lots are not just seeing multiple offers, but often selling above the listing price. We thought this would be the perfect time to share some information about multiple offers with you.

1)      So first of all a question everyone is wondering, will I receive multiple offers? Keep in mind that just because your neighbor received multiple offers does not necessarily mean you will as well. Each property is unique.  Lot size, upgrades to kitchens and bathrooms, age of systems, exterior, elevation and landscaping all influence how quickly a property may sell … and of course list price, marketing and negotiations all factor in.

2)     Now,  I have multiple offers  – which one do I take?  If you do receive multiple offers, think through and discuss with your REALTOR® the best options on how to handle this situation. Sometimes it is best to call for highest and best offer by a certain time. But other times that can scare off the buyers and you are left with no offers or buyers.  Understand the risk and reward associated with how you handle multiple offers. Your experienced REALTOR® will be able to counsel you through this with options and various scenarios.

As you may prepare to put your property on the market or maybe already have your property on the market,  here are some points to consider if your property does receive multiple offers:

3)      Should I take a back-up offer? Some would consider a back-up offer additional insurance on selling your property. The reality is that you just never know if that first buyer may terminate for one reason or another. Having back up offers gives you peace of mind in knowing that you do not have to continue to show your home, go through the contract and negotiation process and hopefully you have sold your home to this buyer or the next.

4)      May I counter all offers if I receive multiple offers? Talk with your real estate professional, but keep in mind you can only sell your house to one buyer at a time.

5)      Is there a specific way to handle multiple offers?  No, there is not a set procedure on how multiple offers are handled.  It is important to have a knowledgeable REALTOR® share with you the various options and ways to handle the situation so that you capture the best possible price and terms in selling your home.

The Cueny Team is ready to assist you in selling your home. Our team of licensed REALTORS® will work hard to make sure you receive the best service possible whether you get multiple offers or just one!

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Are you wondering if you should sale your house now or later? Let us tell you why now is the time!  © chrisdorney

Are you wondering if you should sale your house now or later? Let us tell you why now is the time!
© chrisdorney

One of the key reasons to sell now is low inventory. As a potential seller it may look like a lot of homes are on the market, but there are not. Inventory continues to stay well below that of 2007. New listings can have buyers in a matter of days. Buyers have seen what is available and they are ready to make an offer for their perfect house when it gets listed!

Another plus of listing your home now is that existing homes and resales have a leg up on new construction in the current marketplace.

According to Scott Murphy of DS Murphy Appraisals, “Builders are building houses as fast as they can, but it takes years to ramp up production. New home sales are one-third of what they were. Existing home sellers have the market virtually to themselves – at least for now. By this time next year the new construction market will be back in full swing.”

This is good for sellers because some buyers either don’t have the luxury of waiting on a home to be built and others just don’t want to! There was a six year period where finding any new construction was difficult and it will take time for the market to replenish its new home inventory. This will make a resale shine even brighter for the time being.

The Cueny Team knows the market and has years of expertise is existing home sales. We are ready to get your home on the market and help you with all of your real estate needs. If haven’t checked out our Facebook page, please do!

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service professionals in atlanta

With Spring in the air are you thinking about all the projects you could do around your house?

This weekend it is going to feel a bit like Spring in Atlanta. I am excited about being outside and enjoying the sunshine! I am sure this will inevitably lead to me, as well as many of you, getting a case of Spring Fever!  Along with Spring Fever comes the desire to fix things up, change things around a bit!

Some of you may be DIY’ers and others may prefer to go with a professional. Today, we are sharing our list of professionals with you for everything from plumping to landscaping to personal training and more. The Cueny Team has worked with everyone on this list over the years and we know they are reliable and do quality work so if any of these types of tasks are on your Spring list call them today!

Handy Man | Jerry Short | 678-910-2492

Painter | The Greenleaf Group | 404-452-6591

Plumber | Mike & Dave’s Plumbing | 770-597-8075

Electrician | Tommy Lighting | 770-294-4492

Personal Trainers | Senergy Fitness (Stacy) | 770-310-6465

Landscaping & Outdoor Living Spaces | Chad David | 678-982-7234

Custom Shutters & Design | John Hortsman | 770-634-9965

Carpet & Hardwoods | Larry Scott | 678-300-2108

Legacy Roof | Calvin Cook | 678-687-3803

Innovative Appliance Repair | Peter Gianokos | 678-993-8960

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Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words or in this case a graph.

increased sales price in north fulton

Sales prices are on the rise in North Fulton, Milton and Forsyth County.

Do you see that green line – it shows that sales prices of homes in North Fulton, Milton and Forsyth have had some definite increases this year as compared to the end of 2012.

And look at this:

foreclosures down

Homes sales continue to increase.

Not only does this graph show the steady increase of market sales over the past year, but it also shows a significant drop in foreclosure homes! This is all great news for our market!

You might also have noticed that new listings are down in the above graph. That contributes to the low inventory situation we have seen this year.  If you are thinking about selling your house, now is a great time. Prices are on the rise and not nearly as many homes are on the market as in previous years. Give me a call! I would love to help you list your home!

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Design tips from HGTV's Carter

Carter Oosterhouse brings design tips and pointers to everyone in his book Carter’s Way. Photo from Huffington Post.

With spring around the corner (13 days away) the great spring fix-up will be underway soon!  Ten minutes on the internet will reveal a whole Pinterest board full of ideas to breath some fresh air into your home. In the fall everyone’s favorite designer, builder and TV personality came out with a book, Carter’s Way. Carter Oosterhouse of HGTV fame, wanted to put some of his best tips in print.  He says his goal was to empower people to reach beyond their conscious design ceiling just as he did with every job he’s ever had.

Here is and excerpt from Carter’s Way via Huffing ngton Post Home

Customized Style

Style is the subjective part of the design process. Your personal tastes will differ from mine, which will be different from another person’s. That’s why I call this component “customized” style. You’ll create your own unique look that has a strong foundation in the timeless principles that guide sound design. Just like every home–no matter what architectural style it is–has to have a foundation, every interior design stands or falls on a few universal principles. As long as these are in line, you can put your own stamp on your home design.


You’ve probably been exposed to the basic principles of color many times, but just in case you haven’t, here’s a refresher. Individual colors can be divided between warm (reds and yellows) and cool (blues and greens). They can also be divided into receding and advancing colors. Dark or warm colors advance–they look like they are closer to you. Cool or light colors recede, or appear to be farther away. (Useful effects to know about when you want to visually change a room’s shape or perspective!)

Interior design involves grouping colors into “schemes” that can be complementary (those that sit across from each other on the color wheel), analogous (those that sit next to each other), or monochromatic (different shades and tints of the same color). There are more complicated color schemes, but these three are the root of all of them, and you can play off them in your own design. Neutrals–brown, taupe, beiges, and off-whites–work with any other colors, as do black and white (technically called “achromatic”). A shade is a base color with black added to it, while a tint is a base color with white added to it (a tone is the color plus gray). All the particulars aside, you judge color by the way it looks in the actual space–there’s no other way to do it. Whether you’re looking for new wall paint, wallpaper, sofa fabric, or tile, manufacturers have made the process easy by collecting and organizing samples by color and combinations.


Even though every room has its own lighting needs, there are three basic types of interior lighting used in any room. Ambient lighting is the term pros use for general light. It’s the overall light that spreads throughout the space and fills in shadowy areas, making the room safer to navigate and more inviting. Ambient fixtures include ceiling-mounted units and floor and table lamps. Task lighting is any light used to aid in a specific function. Undercabinet lights in the kitchen and a desk light in a home office are examples of task lighting. Accent lighting rounds out a room’s lighting scheme, emphasizing decorative features or drawing attention itself. Frame-mounted art lights and cove lighting are examples of accent lighting.

Properly lit rooms usually include all three types of illumination to play up the strengths of the room’s design and make the space easier to use. Lighting fixtures not only supply the illumination you need, they are also decorative elements. We’ll talk more about lighting and fixtures particular to individual rooms in the chapters that follow. For now, understand that no single light source provides all the necessary lighting for a room; you’ll need a combination if you want your design to look its absolute best.

These are great tips to help create a space perfect for you! Continue reading more of his tips here.

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